Services Providers

Register your business and increase your outreach

Your services for our customers

Management and Administration

Softwares and tools for your business
Information Technologies
  • Management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Marketing, reporting

Marketing and Promotion

Promote your image, identity
and products
Our services, your business
  • Web site package
  • Edition and publication
  • Promotion, translation

Franchise Dossier

Develop your business, alleviate
your risks
Prepare your franchise

Disclosure Document
Franchise Agreement
Operational Manual

Entrepreneurship Programme

Develop your enterprise using our membership programme
A pack of products and services
  • Review of your project or current business
  • Customized training programme
  • Business planning and writing services
  • Marketing plan and writing services
  • E-library, database of service providers
  • Education and training materials
  • Software and tools for management
  • Registration and licensing, if needed
  • Support to fund raising
(minimum 6 months)

Visiting or Living in the UK?

Develop and finalize your project, meet with
UK top entrepreneurs
Cambridge, March, June or October
  • D1: Review of your project, discussion
  • D2: Meeting with entrepreneurs
  • E-commerce and Food processing industries
  • D3: Business planning
  • D4: Meeting with entrepreneurs
  • Tourism and high-tech industries
  • D5: Business plan writing and editing

Value Chain Evaluation

Value Chain Evaluation

Technical Support
Writing Services

Marketing Plan

Increase your outreach, develop your portfolio

Technical Support
Writing Services

Business Intelligence

Tools for decision-making, skills development
  • Resources for entrepreneurs
  • Press Review
  • eBooks and Education Material
  • Online Training Courses
  • Training Material
  • Country profiles for entrepreneurs
  • Country Early Warning System
  • Customer Trends Analysis
Customer Trend Analysis
United Kingdom

The Customer Trend Analysis
(PDF, 23 p.) identify present and future trends and their impact on business planning, operation and prospects.

This document
is an analysis of demographic, psychographic and IAO (Interests, Attitudes and Opinions) variables to isolate trends in the UK.


Business Planning

Create, adjust or develop your enterprise
Technical Support
Writing Services
Support to fund raising